Improving game quality is real

Basically this is how my free 5-man Amumu ulti games end up with (I'm #484 best Amumu in the world ATM), this could've been a free win since MissFortune actually played good. BUT no, she has to go in 3 minutes. Riot if you really think this is the way to improve game quality, think again.It's not. TELL ME RIOT, HOW TO NOT RAGE AND TILT AFTER THINGS LIKE THIS. (when 20-30% games i lose end up like this really wonders me why i still play this game) 2 pics of proof "I must go in 3 minutes" player: game ending screen: Why not make mechanicsm like in Dota 2 where you can control other AFK champions, I would win this game myself or atleast make someone somehow fill that spot, I'm really still wondering why this keeps happening so often.

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