I got banned permanently

Hello Riot, I am writing to you because I got permanently banned for being reported. Can you tell me why when I'm reporting the others for flaming me when I'm not flaming them they are not getting banned?!? Seriously, can you tell me what's your problem with me? I have 2 or 3 feedbacks for players getting banned by my reports and now you've banned me for saying that bronzies are taking the normals too seriously. You will tell me: THERE IS A MUTE BUTTON, ok, there is a mute button but I told them this was my first time with Syndra and it's not that game only. I am reporting kids from normals EVERY game and they don't get banned and when I say something you're suspending me, why?!? I want my money back, I spend a lot of money on this account and I am super angry now, do something or restore my account, this is unfair! I am reporting idiots every game and they are not getting banned, I'm reporting jungle players who doesn't know how to gank, fake supports, feeders, flamers and others. You will tell me: 1 REPORT IS NOT MAKING A PERSON BANNED, yeah, so let them 12 years old kiddos do what they want and don't ban them just because I told them something they don't like! This might be not the correct request type but PLEASE restore my money or my account, I'm not flaming as before!!! Sincerely, Noob With Sona
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