I need help pls :x Riot members or any one from this community respond :/

well i have a young family member who recently joined level 30 in league. The problem is that he has become a league addict :x and this is creating conflicts . He prefers to stay most of his time playing league, comes out just to eat then goes back to his room. He is becoming an antisocial with time and we tried to limit his play time , talking to him, even other members of the family tried [ even the most strict ones :/ ] but he literally ignored all . I tried to block the essential lol ports in my router but somehow he managed to bypass that or it was not properly configured :s . I tried to delete the riot folder to prevent him playing but i it was useless as he would either re download it or he has other backups in his flash drives. If other members are using the internet while he is playing lol , he would literally rage and unplug the device that the other members are using :x. since a few days i noticed that his behavior is becoming more aggressive and i would like to get some help from this community to help me to control this situation :l . Am also a league player playing since season 3 :x but this matter is beyond me . pls help me guys :p .
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