14 days suspension

i was having fun with my premades and after that one game i came back and i got suspension all were my friends exept one guy but he was one from my friends friend list and he came too and i though he one friend that my friends know and we were all friends and we were talking but exept that one guy andd we were all chating normally we were flaming each other but not like real we were joking like if we do say some sort of harrasment we dont mean it we joke but that guy wasnt one of us so , i didnt even flamed him i though we were friends and i was joking but he wasnt that way to say and i said rep kata which was him that guy and he reported me for that here will be the chat logs u can understand that they arent even harrasments u can see that we are joking by ourselfs Game 1 Pre-Game TrAvEl99: mid TrAvEl99: %%% adi TrAvEl99: im going hasagi In-Game TrAvEl99: ESHKEREEEE TrAvEl99: ESHEKEEEREREREE TrAvEl99: xdd TrAvEl99: qq TrAvEl99: xdd TrAvEl99: :DDDDDD TrAvEl99: hell YEAH BOIIIIIIIIII] TrAvEl99: nope TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: alistarr TrAvEl99: tristana coward TrAvEl99: yea and im sculptor TrAvEl99: an d they cowards TrAvEl99: We are losing anyways why urgot comes too XD TrAvEl99: WTAFA TrAvEl99: AF TrAvEl99: ASD TrAvEl99: ASD TrAvEl99: DSADA TrAvEl99: LOL TrAvEl99: xddd TrAvEl99: batle cowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww TrAvEl99: who TrAvEl99: oh urgot then go to be butcher again in pantheons restorant TrAvEl99: XDD TrAvEl99: batlecow TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: u or me TrAvEl99: XDD TrAvEl99: u are the one who goes in ?!? TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: moooooooooo TrAvEl99: xdd TrAvEl99: im trolling dude TrAvEl99: but not real TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: soem shit stuff TrAvEl99: XDDD TrAvEl99: SMASSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TrAvEl99: hety hasagi whos going the riven with the hot boobs TrAvEl99: alistar dont go in anymore i die bcs of you omg TrAvEl99: yea TrAvEl99: killing me TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: %%%gots TrAvEl99: %%%gots TrAvEl99: %%%gots TrAvEl99: %%%ggggots TrAvEl99: wut TrAvEl99: gj cow TrAvEl99: ez TrAvEl99: or i carry TrAvEl99: XX TrAvEl99: qq TrAvEl99: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD TrAvEl99: XD TrAvEl99: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TrAvEl99: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TrAvEl99: tits tits i can milk those tits TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: xdd TrAvEl99: i want kills cys TrAvEl99: gimme kills TrAvEl99: 8 asists xd TrAvEl99: edo TrAvEl99: shkere TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: dab TrAvEl99: :c TrAvEl99: i go adk TrAvEl99: afk* TrAvEl99: rep kata TrAvEl99: na moe TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: O.O TrAvEl99: crapgot TrAvEl99: im the nest supp eune TrAvEl99: Best * TrAvEl99: %%%ons TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: cyyys TrAvEl99: xd TrAvEl99: thornnail TrAvEl99: thornnailed TrAvEl99: +5 Post-Game TrAvEl99: cys adi
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