so sad rn, people give up so easily and tilt and i get punished for it.

im so sad rn game starts elise is sat in base no items. gets to 3 1/2 minutes she dc'd adc start getting angry support said something to mid about stuff happening in game mid told support to get c......r bot says "open" me and support are only ones trying at this point the rest have given up (wasnt premade btw) we lose (of course) i get demoted. i was on 90+ lp in g1, so close to getting plat and then just game after game its this. people giving up before 10 minutes then either trolling or inting or ruining morale by flaming, i always try my hardest, i dont flame people and i dont get why they do it either, i mean i get it but it makes no sense. it's just demoralising is all. sorry for the rant i just needed to vent somewhere.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}

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