What happens after the fall?

Devastation. You and your entire team just got obliterated. Aced. Deleted. In a game where only one call, one missclick, one outplay decided the whole tide of the battle. It's minute 45. Your entire base is in shambles, inhibitors destroyed, your base naked as you were the day you were born. You lie there and stare straight ahead, still not believing what happened. You look to your left, then to your right, your teammates lying next to you, motionless, trapped in the same shocked state. In the distance you can hear baron letting out his infamous screech, of being taken down. What do you do? You get up. One leg. Then the other. You dust yourself off. You approach your closest fallen teammate, give them a hand, pull them up. And the same with the other 3. There will be that one teammate, who will refuse to fight anymore. They will be just tired of it. Tired of fighting a neverending battle, with so much pressure witheld in it. You will pull them up, shake them up a bit, and give them a slap on the back. Now that you are all stading, what is next? You need that team to not just stand. You need them to lift up their weapons and fight. This is where you will make a bloody heartwarming speech about never giving up and how teamwork overcomes everything. Or. Just 4 simple words. "We can do this". A team has 5 members. But not all of them are leaders. If noone is taking the responsibility, if noone is stepping up, YOU take that role. Don't wait for anyone. Just do it. Be that person who will do something about that devastation. It is true, in many cases, positivity alone won't win you a game, but sometimes, it can turn a battle, a lost battle. You will tell your team you trust in them. They will trust in you, in eachother. And as you stand there next to eachother, your enemy approaches with baron buff. But you know, they don't seem all that scary anymore. You will go in, you will fight. Maybe you will win,maybe you won't. But at least, you did not roll over and let them walk all over you. There is this saying. Do you know how a champion is born? When you go out there, when it's the HARDEST and you WIN. That is how they are born. They do not come to the light when you sit at your base and weep because of your fate, your team, and your inability to carry, and refuse to fight. Get up, dust yourself off, pull your team up, stand together. Nothing is over untill that nexus lies in shambles. Look straight, take that first step, and WIN! It is not about WHAT happens after the fall, it's what YOU DO after it.
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