Flaming reached a whole new level of toxicity

After a game gone bad, people can be mad, but I think this one really needs some help. He added me few minutes after and he went nuts on me. Also I hope i posted in the right section. In my personal opinion guys like these are bad for a community striving to get healthier > Please remember that Riot employees will never ask for your password when assisting you. > 21/09/2016 > [04:37] ME: yeh? > [04:37] TWITCH: 800k on shaco > [04:37] ME: :) > [04:37] TWITCH: and still low plat :o > u must be autist > [04:37] ME: i didn't play much shaco this season > [04:37] TWITCH: sure > who u played last game? > [04:37] ME: ahahah did you add me just to flame? > [04:37] TWITCH: last 3 games > [04:37] ME: that's just sad mate, it's fine, i might be autistic > [04:38] TWITCH: its just funny > [04:38] ME: glad i made you laugh :) > [04:38] TWITCH: u should participate to lolhounds > 800k and still low plat omg > u agre that there is a problem > [04:39] ME: yeah i know > since the rise of tanks, i couldn't really reach higher levels with shaco > so i started playing support > [04:40] TWITCH: i mean are u healthy? > everything is ok with you? > irl > [04:41] ME: what's up with you mate, your sincere concern doesn't seem so sincere :) > [04:41] TWITCH: im a bit shocked sorry > its unbelivable > [04:42] ME: ikr > [04:42] TWITCH: u should be at leat master > wouaw > [04:42] ME: dude plat is like toxicland of league of legends > people who keep blaming each other and flaming for the first mistake > you lose with so ease > no matter how good you are > [04:44] TWITCH: dont try to explain this shiit > [04:44] ME: alright > you explain it then > [04:46] TWITCH: u just bad at the game in my opinion, or maybe u have a mental illness dunno, cuz its impossible to play that much a single champ and not be able to be at the top of the ladder > [04:47] ME: i don't know, maybe i'm just bad with shaco > [04:48] TWITCH: so u also mentaly disabled cuz u can play a champ that much and remain bad > cant* > u are probably obese and very stupid irl ^^ > <3 > [04:49] MEr: <3 > and you must be a psychoterapist, such an accurate conclusions > or psycho rapist, whichever fits you best > [04:52] TWITCH: u spent 175 days on league so u are obese > [04:52] ME: it doesn't really matter what i say, in your head i'll be forever obese > which is kinda funny, just please don't touch yourself thinking of me so big and chubby > [04:54] TWITCH: and you are gay too > easy to define u > [04:55] ME: alright man, whatever makes you sleep at night > [04:55] TWITCH: u probably dropped out from school because ur iq is actually 2 > [04:55] ME: or not, since it's almost 5 am and you're still awake > [04:57] TWITCH: unlike you i do something in my life and i was busy all night long , i just came home and i play a bit > [04:58] ME: you don't need to explain yourself, in spite of you i don't feel the urge to judge > [04:58] TWITCH: jaajaja obese guy > get out of here fat ass ! > :D > when i was in primary school i used to bully obese children like u >
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