About the current penalty systems

**_An example game_** So I was recently in a game where both my Mid and my Sup were flat out inting (I was playing ADC). I am playing in gold V and my support just kept walking into lane, into a straight line towards the enemy morgana, got snared died and the process repeated itself. Now she didn't make it that obvious but by the 10 min mark she hit a whopping 1-7 which is basically the same as running it down mid at that point. My mid laner (Lissandra) decided at some point it was a good idea to sell all her items and went full long sword. I should note that the game at this point was still winnable since the enemy didn't have any inhibs or baron etc. We also had a nasus who was doing well and we all know how a late game nasus can turn a game around. Of course without a support and a mid-laner that started trolling we ended up losing the game. In this process I, naturally, got frustrated at the guys trolling/inting and, admittedly, started flaming them (which I know is not a good course of action, but I'm just trying to climb the ladder like anyone else and I'm getting fed up with other people ruining my experience). As I relogged the next day, I received a chat ban but of course.... no notification of any of my reports resulting in a ban. I'm taking this match as an example of many of likewise experiences I've had over time in LOL and I'm sure others will have had similar events happen to them. **_The result_** It's honestly sad to see that a player who is just trying to climb the ladder, gets punished while other people are obviously trolling, and not receiving any penalty whatsoever. The next games I will only have a very limited amount of messages to communicate with my team because of 1 match that was ruined for me by other players. **_What to change?_** A change of the penalty systems is needed in my opinion to fix this. I know that chat-banning a player is easy since you can simply have bots detecting "bad language" and that banning trolls actually takes human activity to determine whether someone is actually trolling or not. I think that riot should look into cases of chat-bans more deeply than they are doing now. When there have been reports of someone flaming and someone trolling/inting, it should take human effort to determine who is actually "the bad guy". I know that flaming in any case is not going to resolve the situation, but some people are just simply asking for it. A good counter argument is to say that this simply takes too much time and effort for riot to look into all these cases. _(Note: Not sure if this is already the case, but if not, hear me out)_ However when riot puts a system in place where other (of higher rank than the game in question and maybe above a certain honor level) players can review such cases and get small rewards such as key-fragments for doing so. Sorry for making such a long post, just needed to get this off my chest and would like to hear you guys' opinion on this.
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