Do you guys check how much rage, flame, negative attitude is on low lvls ? I mean upgrating report system and chat restricion and leaver buster is great - but shouldnt you be looking at the root of the problem ?. - which is ( Bronze, Low Silver + all the ragers and ego masturbators ) create a smurf account - and thats it. Now you have a perfect environment for NEW PLAYERS to grow into - ( you guessed it ) - flamers, ragers, and afkers. I know there are some exeptions but unholy mother of potato - New Players are FORCED into flaming and raging ( and ofcourse the META - which is entirely different kind of potato ) Now you could argument that : "You just need to mute", "Just ignore them and report them" "Nice players wont rage" - - to which i could reply bullsh*t: because that is not a solution to the problem ( how can you mute somebody in champ selection anyway ). But how do you know ? Do you have smurf ? Arent you the one bronze flaming guy ?. - yes i do have a smurf on EU EAST its lvl 13 and i play on it when EUW is down like this morning, and no i am not a bronze flaming guy.
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