A suggestion to fix trolling and toxicity [Riot Police] - Needs rioter's input -

A suggestion, which I'm sure may have come across the minds of some of you if you suffered from toxic teammates or even enemies which is to give certain honorable players the ability to ban someone for bad behaviour but only players with very high honour points so they can be trusted with that responsibility, a sort of "citizen's arrest" authority if you will. For the player to get that ability he needs to get a lot of friendly and honourable opponent and maintain them for some time so to not lose it, this ability could also be gained from honour in game and something else here in the boards like having to be an emissary or a wrenchman. He could also lose it if he got reported several times. And that ability could enable him to give someone a ranked ban for some time or chat restriction for some time and mark that player so if any of the "riot police" sees him again being toxic after getting temporary ban they can give him a permanent ban. I thought of this because -and this isn't the first time this happened of course- an easy ranked game and we were winning except for garen who lost his lane. so he decided that nah... it's gg and he went afk for a couple of minutes... then came back to feed.. and then when I reported him I didn't get a message saying that he got a warning even. The tribunal isn't working and players only report you if you play bad even if you are doing your best not if you are toxic. I would love to hear a rioter's opinion on this. Is something like that possible even in the far future? if not then why? What do you guys think? Can be done? Can it be done in a better way? or will the risk of abusing that power be too great?
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