i i play 6 years i get team that are need to be teachecd how to play.

why do u want to be so clowns riot? i cant behaviou u riot,why? cus haweing bad games,i know samtimes samone hawe bad game,but ehh cmon u think i dont see when the guy dosnt think,how? lets say my team - me 280 wins 57 next 88 next 7 and next no rankeds yet,and enemies min was 190 to 380 ,how? what is this matching learner agains veteran,or u so good,that u think now every new char is smurf? i better wait 1h for my real team and real opponents insead of this shit which i get every second match,samtimes even 2-3 matches in a row,this is pointless to play then when u win u get 20 pts,when u get that dream team and they just lose ur 20 pts sooo ,u need to reply ur 2 macthes played before to new one,to get those poijnts back.hahaha 3h. if that not gona change,not gona waste my time,as its most expensive is in world,the time,i better do samthink realy usefull then play and lose cus of babyborns.there is nothink that cannot be changeg.no need replying me samthink,i dont care really,u should care,cus im ur player,for now.

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