Become a better player in 1 minute / climb

**Become a better player in 1 minute / climb** Well people say playing league is stressful,full of trolls,flamers , afks , or anything, well i can tell you that i don't agree with that. Yes you are going to have some bad streaks and some good streaks.You are going to have some troll games or games that you cant carry. But it can't be your team always dont you think?Blaming the team doesn't work in any way.When you enter a game and you are negative before it even starts just because something bad happened in your previous game you are not going to perform as good as you would. **Tilt?**No it doesnt exist.Its all in your head.If you had a troll game , and you perform worse in your next game, you can't really blame your last game for that. It doesn't make sense. Personally yes i recently had a bad streak,after a big winning streak.I dropped from D3 to D5,i blame myself for that aswell. So my advice for everyone is to start being positive.Leave all the negativity behind. **Lets make this community better!** If you had a bad game.Just take a break and keep trying to climb,you can make it. **Do your best** to perform good in every single game and yes you will climb. i peaked to D2 40lp last season this way.I am currently pushing again. Play Champions that you feel comfortable with.Master 3-4 champs and spam them. I guarantee you that you are going to climb this way.Just try it out if you haven't yet. Don't hesitate to add me in game for some more in depth conversation or to join our club IGN : JaZ GGz Also check out my guide on youtube for some extra tips (more guides for the current meta coming out) i would really appreciate it:
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