"FLEX RANKED" not considered ranked!

I´m so tired of beeing in team with players that say "Ranked Flex" is not ranked, so they could not care less if they lose. Thye instantly start feeding, running around like complete %%%%%%s, not helping the team in any way and so on, after they die 1-2 times. If you don´t consider this as ranked, then go play draft pick or blind pick, so rest of us don´t have to lose points with you. Some play Solo/duo for ranked, since they might not know anyone in the game, but there are many that play ranked with 3 or 5 players(could be we don´t feed like total %%%%%%s, so people actually want to play with us), since you get more the aspect of beeing a team, talking on skype or something else at the same time. So if you don´t care about ranked, then don´t join it and leave the rest of us alone.

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