If you are banned from Hextech crafting, you can still reform more quickly than you expect!

Hi guys. I know a lot of you cannot receive loot due to previous chat restrictions or other bans besides the Leaver Buster. Most of us agree it is a fair deal. However, there have been some wrong information regarding the reform timer. I read in various articles that you need 3 months for your first offense or 6 months for the second. This is not the case. On April 18 I got a 10 game chat restriction. It was a fair ban. I am typically calm, but lost my nerves in 2-3 games and flamed at some trollers. I expected not to receive loot in the near future, yet yesterday I was eligible to earn loot once more! So for only 7 days the ban ended. I played minimum 5-6 games a day, if that counts. I think that one of the reasons the ban was lifted so quickly was because of the Honors I received, but I may be wrong. The idea is that if you are positive, play your best and don't offend, you may be eligible for loot in no time! So keep your good attitude and best of luck!
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