Support Chat just told me I've been getting a lot of reports lately. Haven't been using chat though.

I just went into the support chat and asked why my honor level isn't going up. I haven't even received a single checkpoint in a long time. Chat told me I've been getting a lot of reports lately, which is slowing my progress. Now comes the punchline - I've not been using the chat at all. I have literally restricted myself to saying "gj" and "gg". These are the only 2 words to come out of my mouth since weeks in this game. Literally NOTHING else. I mute everyone at the beginning of every game too. Apparently people have been reporting me for "trolling" or "feeding" or whatever, even though I've been doing my best. Yes, I'm not the greatest player, but this should not be a reason for a penalty?! I've been playing normally. How is this even possible? What an absolutely broken system.

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