This is what I just got chat restricted for : itjustbegun: anivia itjustbegun: your mid is always bot anivia : I cannot do anything itjustbegun: you can warn us itjustbegun: you can counter itjustbegun: you can follow itjustbegun: you can do much anivia : geez I told you already this is my first time anivia! itjustbegun: doesnt matter itjustbegun: this isnt champ dependent *rest of the team is flaming anivia just for being first time* itjustbegun: personnaly I dont mind but you should train in custom games itjustbegun: to learn the skills fist *bot perma gank 4v2, pantheon afk jungle* itjustbegun: at least the 4th gank bot itjustbegun: lvl lucian lvl 8 I 5 itjustbegun: jarvan mf is a pretty good combo [it was a normal and I was playing jarvan supp for fun] MF : no, it's bad, you cannot protect me itjustbegun: not 2v3 or 4 though itjustbegun: Im not gonna protect you against 3 ennemies itjustbegun: even with braum *rest of the team are flaming anivia hard, panth and singed calling her names and demeaning her, asking for report* itjustbegun: cant report someone for being bad *lucian escapes with low hp and comes back with the rest of the team to kill me* itjustbegun: give that kill you thief [IM JUST JOKING] itjustbegun: its not yours lucian : a black man has to make a living itjustbegun: OMG SO REPORTED [IM JUST JOKING] lucian : why, it's true, I have to work itjustbegun: just joking *others say things I dont remember* itjustbegun: pls dont start me on racist jokes I want to keep this account [IM JUST JOKING] *pantheon starts flaming me* itjustbegun: dude itjustbegun: you ganked absolutely ZERO times itjustbegun: while we've been PERMA ganked by the other team *pantheon calls me a troll supp* itjustbegun: actually YOU are a troll jungler *pantheon and singed start to spam ping to force me playing their way, while *they* were always in bad positions* itjustbegun: you ping too much troll *at this point they start to call the ennemy team to report me, so I talk back* itjustbegun: enjoy your ban wood panth [why would I be banned while HE was flaming] *panth and singed start to flame and say I have no map awareness. At this point I have enough with their parasitism and I start taking it back to them* itjustbegun: no *you* dont itjustbegun: you need to be more humble itjustbegun: because your low level cannot understand what Im doing [I was giving them a taste of their own medecine, never back down with a bully] itjustbegun: so shut up and play *pantheon and singed flaming again* itjustbegun: help yourself wood *they say I need to l2p or smth like that* itjustbegun: you need it itjustbegun: I dont *singed and panth ask the other team to reportme* itjustbegun: singed and panth reported *"reported for what?"* itjustbegun: retarded troll flamers *"we dont flame"* itjustbegun: lol no flame? You just did itjustbegun: and claled to report me *"you're flaming"* itjustbegun: of course because thats just the truth itjustbegun: if you didnt flame me I wouldnt flame you *now they try to play the victims to get the ennemy team to like them* itjustbegun: lol your ping is flaming itjustbegun: thats called SPAM *various insults again* itjustbegun: you ping me because you dont understand the lvl I play and you want to control *more flaming again* itjustbegun: see? itjustbegun: what did I say? *more flaming* itjustbegun: flame and bronze plays *more flaming* itjustbegun: buy a dictionnary and enjoy your ban *more flaming* itjustbegun: enjoy ur ban hmmm yummy No need to mention the 2 tards havent been punished yet. OBVIOUSLY RITO YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB WHICH IS PROVIDE A FUN ENVIRONMENT, YOU'RE MAINTAINING AND DEVELOPPING AN ATMOSPHERE OF TOXICITY BY ENCOURAGING AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOURS AND PUNISHING THE LEGIT ONES, JUST LEGITIMATING A VICIOUS CIRCLE OF REVENGE AND FRUSTRATION. YOUR TRIBUNAL SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING AT ALL, THE REAL SOCIAL PROBLEM OF THIS GAME IS YOUR SNOWFLAKE MENTALITY AND YOU'RE THE ONES WHO NEED TO REFORM.
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