Feeding vs Bad Game

Hay there jsut a quick question regarding this, I was in a game a few days ago playing support nd my top laner went 0-5 in the first 10 mins due to losing lane. Now everyone on my team was spamming omg report for feeding but the way i was looking at it he was standing by his turret and getting dived by the enemy toplaner and jungler. So seeig as we were doing well in the bot lane and our jung was not helping i decided to roam up to top and support him instead to try and pull his lane back to which i got hit with a stream of OMG noob support report slammed at me. So i did what any normal player should do i muted all 3 of them and reported them end of game. Was talking to our toplaner afterwards who was worried that he would be reported for dieing a few times so i did my best to reasure him but tbhb i am not sure if the system can pick up on whever it was intentinal feeding or not so any help to clairfy would be nice. Many thanks
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