An help for a good man

Hi guys, yesterday i received my 6th ban of 14 day from League of Legends (i'm happy that i didn't got the permaban.) for flame... after the first 3 bans i decided to don't flame like before... but if i don't flame for 10-20 matches then comes the match where for example : i'm mid and i found a gank from the botlane and my botlane didn't called the famous SS... Then accordingly i typed (my bad) "Retard botlane call ss please". You can say to me "Why don't you buy wards?". Well i can't do nothing if Kalista use his R on me :\.. But i'm not here to cry about that.. I'm here to ask you guys an help to avoid to type "Retard botlane call ss please" .. What can i do to avoid the "rage" that i got if my teammates do something of bad without say "sorry" [When i do something of bad i ever type SORRY TEAM]. So, guys help me about this fact.. i don't want anymore bans.
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