Will I get permabanned on 14th day?

So today I got my first ever 14 day ban for being toxic, and I heard stories that people got banned after 14th day? How do I know if after 2 weeks, I will be able to play LOL again, or will I get permabanned? Here is the chat that got me banned for 14 days lux play safe zed destroys you wanna switch lanes? mid is gg wp.. why pick lux? why not lb udyr babysit mid report bot for feed 1/2 report bot for feed bait bait report udyr noob feeder you come and give away kil ok i go feed more then useless team 0 help lux w me next time idiot udyr rambo plays watch out idiot gj bot gj feed zed noobs 0/2 3/3 1/1 idc anymore, i have retarded team free top jinx youre useless the whole game gj lux 2/3 why do i get such a noob team jeez and 7 kills look top ahahahah ahhaha look top we lost LMAO feeders you all 3 deaths 8 kills feeders ahahahhah look top pro ult trynda thinks he is pro lmao PRO TEAM GJ BLITZ GJ defend maybe im gonna feed just like you do noobs hope you all get cancer gj go cry bitch you lost the game oooo im so scared badass yes report panth because im crying baba nice life why no surrender you guys have 0 skills nice ult pro bronze stupid bronze retards

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