Dear renekton...

yo,i have no clue from where you are from,or if you even use the boards...but.. I´m the one,who asked you in this one game... to swap the lane with me. I was anivia,tilted because of my last two games,scared of toplane aswell. I was the one,the lady who asked you to give me your lane. And you did it,you gave me your midlane. And im thankfull for this. Sadly, i wasnt ingame. thats true. the game was lost because of me. Now...let me explain why,if its okay. I really undstand it if you are mad, you have the reason for it. I wish i could just blame riot for it,-for what?for my bugsplats atm.(but i just cant..) I never...never knew this would happend right in this moment. i didnt got the chance to reconnect. it was a panicfull and terrible time for me,giving my best to join your game for you and my prematefriends. But as i said,i failed. i failed nonstop,and i am still waiting for the redsupport who helps me out of this bugsplatproblem,wich is hunting me.(meh,bugs,bugs everywhere..) I added your name to my friendslist, wanted to tell you what im writing down here... just wasnt here today. so im doing this here now,and i hope someone who knows you or even youself,will find this. Im sorry. Im sorry for taking your lane. Im sorry for losing this game. Im sorry for being more or less a poptart,unable to reconnect to this game. Im sorry for you about your lost promo. Im sorry for being useless in this game. I dont know what you think exactly about this,but i hope you take my excuse serious. (mh,i cant put dat name in here...damn rules..) I also need to say "sorry riot". Why? Oh because..i guess..they read...the info in every bugsplat if its sended out. ... i was pissed. waaaay too mad and sad. Close to drop some hopeless tears of fear and anger...(who the fuq plays the "answer"song from ff xiv?>w< turn it out again!) just because of this damn bugsplat,the failing rage was too high for thinking clearly. ...yeah,i said some unfriendly stuff like "fck u" and "fix this damn bug omg" ... im sorry for this. im..just...sorry.wasnt right from me. ___ from an mysterious shadowlady with the legendary icebird.
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