The Guide of the Summoner's Code!

Greatings Summoners! As you know, there are still many players with a bad behavior, who mess up our fun in the game. Pretty much on any elo. As a main-jungler I meet often people that kind. I had a conversation with **Riot Games Supporters** about that topic and they suggested to share my idea for a _better community_ in the _forums_. I propose **Riot Games** should start an _event or project_ to bring the **Summoner's Code** closer to the players to reduce the bad behavior and raise the fun in LoL. I am sure that the very creative **Team of Riot Games** will find the best way to make this happen, but I also have some _suggestions_. As you know 4 new _"Academy"-Skins_ are aviable in the Shop. **Riot Games** could create 4 _"Teacher"-Skins_ as a counterpart to those 4 new Skins and also create a _website_ featuring the "teachers" in order to bring the **Summoner's Code** closer to the players. It could also be a bigger project like the Bilgewater-Event or **Riot Games** could feature LoL-Guide-Videos in the client. In my opinion the _best time_ to make such an _event or project_ is the next **pre-season** in order to give the players a _fresh_ start in season 6 with the **Summoner's Code**. My goal with this post is to get as much summoners as possible, who share and support this idea in hope that **Riot Games** starts working on this idea and make it happen! Please **share** this post with your friends to support me. _Good luck and have fun!_ **~ McLoLeR123** {{champion:19}} {{summoner:11}}
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