RITO, get a ****** grip.

As the title says. Get a FUCKING grip and start doing SOMETHING to get rid of the cancerous people in the game. Every single god damn game, there are feeding and afk players, whether its on my team or enemy team, in every instance it ruins the game either for me, or the other people. Do people like that get banned? No, they do not, or else why would I encounter them every game, because instead of actually banning people that go AFK In ranked games, you focus on banning the so called "TOXIC" players that lose their god damn patience because they want to play the game and progress, but they can't because of the sack of shits that go AFK or FEED intentionally. In the past 7 games, I had a 4 game win streak. Why? Because either someone in enemy team was feeding, or was afk mid game. Then the other 3 games I just had now, in a row, we lost, why? Because either someone was feeding, or went afk MID game. This is not a god damn "once every few games" problem, its an every single match disease now. So instead of wasting your time banning the so called "Toxic" player that are simple normal players that are trying to do something progressive in the game but lose their patience, perhaps you should focus on the thing that makes them lose the patience in the first place, namely the cancers that go AFK and INT feed every game.
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