What to do when people troll in champion selection (refuses to play his role)

Hello Everyone, I created this topic, because of yesterdays game. > Story: > In champion selection our last pick was filled with support. > He asked us if he can play top or mid. I was top and refused because it's my main role. > The mid laner refused too. > > Then he started flaming and insulting us and told us that he will feed, when he has to play support. > We told him that he should dodge the game, if he does not want to play support. Or just play his given role. > He did not and flamed the whole time in champion selection. He was last pick and picked Warwick with TP. Nothing we could do at this point, except to dodge. > > Game starts and he walks straight top, ignoring that I was there too. > I went bot to help our ADC. (Support Vladimir does not do to well) > > He did not write anything in-game, but was spamming pings and gave up a lot of kills. > As expected we lost the game. **Now my question is what to do?** * I wanted to dogde in chamption select, but did not do it (should have). If you dodge you loose some LP --> But what happens when you are in promotion. Instant loss or 20 min regret of playing it. * When I dodge, then I cannot report this player and his behaviour will not change or get punished. * Give up my role and report him afterwards? - As in my case yesterday he was last pick and still "choose" top - What would the report look like? If we win, most people, will accept his behavior at the champion selection and will not write a report. I do not mind trading roles. Everyone has a bad role and you can talk about trading. But I hate players that cannot accept their given role and write in champion select that they will throw the game and try to force you to trade. And you are the one who has to pay for their behavior. **I want to hear your opionion about it.** best regards, 41ph4
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