Finding my Account Banned For Use of Third Party Programs

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Hi, I live in Toronto, Canada (studying at university) but I come back to Spain (hometown) twice a year to visit family. During the year I only play on my NA account (5 years old account) and only play on my EU account (3 years) when I'm in Spain. However, this summer I came back to find my EU account banned permanently for the use of third party programs. I have not played in this account since january (last time I was in Spain) so I had no idea my account was hacked (not shared with anyone). Looking on the rank of the account was still gold 5 before banned (same as when I last played) and the match history shows about 15 games on league played during the 8 months I was away. Most of these games were normal games and the average KDA were low (most are around 1/10/1 scores) so it doesn't seem the hacker of my account was using script third party programs. Is there anyway I can prove my innocence (that I was in Toronto since january) and maybe show the games were not played there. Usually when games are shown to be played in another location with third party apps Riot my feel its the user knowingly asking someone to eloboost, but as most games were normals and the division is still the same (36% win rate of the hacker's games on my account) would there be a way to prove that I was innocent and victim of a hack?
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