One Troll can cost You 3 Games

That's simple math. Let's say you are on 50 LP with an average MMR. Every game takes around 30 minutes. For a win you will get 20LP and fore a lose you will lose 20LP. Can we assume that? Alright, now let's say you're in a game that goes very well for you, you will win it. Can we assume that aswell? Scenario a) You win the game. You would be on 70LP after winning the game. So far so good? Scenario b) Let's assume you have a troll in your game who makes you lose your game. You are now on 30LP. Everyone will agree that the Troll just cost you the time span of the game, since you've lost, right? Wrong. Since you are now 40 LP lower than you would've been if he didn't troll your game, he actually took the time span of two additional games . For you to get to the LP you would've been it will take you AT LEAST 2 more games that you also would have to win, strictly speaking (lets say regardless of winning or losing the next games, since he has no direct impact on further games; even if you won the first game you could lose the following 2 without a troll). Let's take it to the extreme - it was your last promo game that you had to win. Now you have to win 2 more games to get in promo and win one more to win the promo (if you get the free win). If it's from S1 to G5 or something, you would need even more wins to complete the promo. What's the point? Bigger penalties for Trolls! While I personally think that trolling once should get you a permament (that means forever) ban from ranked queues, I get that many people don't want that to be the case (riot ofc too, since they want the game to be the most played, not the most liked). Two things: Firstly, I am speaking about people that openly say that they troll. It's obvious and not to discuss. Secondly, people that don't want that are most likely people that at least want the possibility to troll once or twice without being punished. I think this is too lose and forgiving. Also what other reason could you have to not want harsher penalties? _This is not about defining what trolling is. As I said, some things don't even have to be discussed. People running it down mid, afk'ing dc'ing . with announcment - are trolls._ Please, if you don't agree and you are not disagreeing because you think trolling is fine, point out why you think so, so that this can actually be a proper dicussion.

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