So in which way am I supposed to win PLACEMENTS?

FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, at minute 6 my ADC comes to ward my RED and shot to help me (I am jungler), his support immmediately starts flaming and blames ADC for helping me on red, and he continues to go MID lane and support MID lane only to give the enemy midlaner 2 kills. Then after that MY mid laner starts complaining for having 800 ping. CAN RIOT PLEASE DISABLE DISABLED PEOPLE WITH 400 PING TO PLAY RANKED? WHY THERE IS NOT SUCH A RULE ABOUT PING AND RANKED. WHY MY SUPPORT WON'T GET BANNED FOR GOING MID AFTER HIS ADC WARDS OUR RED? WHATS THE POINT IN PLAYING RANKED...

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