Tribunal bans players for no reason at all! - ban40-00-00-00.jpg
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So as you can see in the picture i linked, i got permanently banned for literally no reason at all. For better understanding i just kind of explain what i said: I was Taric on bot with Lucian. He said i should safeplay. He got lvl 6, got grabed by BC. and blamed me for not ulting, even tho i was only lvl 5 at this moment. He kept blaming me for a few mins, then his premade Naut joined and blamed me aswell. Both of them threatened the team that they are about to go afk and that we can report them np, thats where i said "cya, nope i wont, we lose anyway, bb". They actually went afk, the team died a few times, they came back and blamed the whole team that we made them lose because we fed the enemy team. Thats where i said "well thats what you get now", and in the end at minute 20 i said "just ff it". And thats it. I'm pretty sure both of them reported me, i didnt even report them for going afk. And who gets banned? ME

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