Thank you riot for have your bottoms on kids money

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HELLO! I am back with another great title! I can't believe you guys still sleep well because my team mates are still trolling afking and flames themselfs.... I don't realy care about yout bottoms on kids money but... I still have trollers afkers and flamers in my team. My promise is realy close to happen guys. If your fkin team of spaghetti-code-proGGramers will do same sht to happen with system of matchmaking, I have no choice. It is 60 games now and NOW I'M 5 LP FROM ANOTHER DEMOTE JUST BECAUSE OF MY TEAM! Did I something wrong in past life that I have to watch those people taking me to fking bronze? Rly guys . SSTTOOPP SSLLEEEEPP AND MAKE YOUR FKING GAME BETTER U FKIN IDIOTS! {{sticker:draven-pose}} Do you have mental disfunction or what? Do I have to pay 250$ US DOLLARS for account in Diamond for have normal teammates? Do I have to break you pc hard-disk ahead to you fkin programmers? Are you using system of matchmaking, where everyone have to carry their mental disabled teammates? Maybe I looks like some fkin flamer but yeah after fkin 60 ranked games of watching my jungler jumps on midlane with words: "I'M INTING NOW!' I'm a little bit tilted you useless piece of craps. END {{sticker:darius-angry}} And... If anyone wants to say: "You've to improve your skills first." just go back to your mum */-/+ bcs you can watch my mental disabled teammate on my youtube channel now!! 'Yoh Split' from tommorow is fkin channel about fkin teammates of fkin league of fkin team mates!
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