New trend of intentionally throwing games/inting/going afk

I have no idea what Riot are doing but this needs to stop. These past 2 months have been hell due to this "new thing". In 80% of the games our team could have won due to the huge lead we had early game we ended up losing due to this 1 person on our team who continuously trolled, feeded and went solo 1 v 5 and never helped in a single teamfight. Or straight up intentionally feeds from the start of the game then going afk. I really cannot understand why such people exist in ranked games or why they even do this. Ranked Mode is meant for people that want to win, climb and tryhard to get as high on the ranked ladder as they possibly can. Now some people will say "but I want to have fun" and I will tell you "Ranked games are not for you, there are plenty of other modes you can have your "fun" in but not in ranked where you ruin everyone else's games." I really do not understand why people try their damn hardest to sabotage you and your team when you point out their mistakes, tell them not to do them but they do exactly what you told them not to and put the blame on you as if you had direct responsibility for their misplays/overextension/not warding/feeding and proceed to "run it down mid". Everyone has bad games why wouldn't you allow yourself to get carried by your team? Why would you sabotage them on purpose? What do you gain from it? Or is there some kind of group of people that get paid to ruin games because otherwise I can't even imagine the reasons as to why someone would do this. The report system should be reworked to cover such behavior as it gets unpunished because there is no way to actually report it. Like for example I had this 3 people in 3 different games that were simply afk under turret and did absolutely nothing the entire game. And you couldn't really report them of what they actually did because they weren't feeding per say but were making damn sure you would lose the game by sabotaging everything you were trying to do. Like stealing your jungle camps and buffs putting you behind on purpose all game (this is in my case as I main jungle) which ends up costing you big time in teamfights or securing kills due to red buff's burn effect and slow. This happens way too often and unless by some miracle you solo carry the game you will never win such games.
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