Player behaviour in boards.

Everyone posts a board now an again to either just talk or debate an idea. But a lot of people don't want to debate, a lot of people on boards only post useless criticism that either have little relevance or either taking the debate out of context or over exaggerating just to be able to abuse the person who posted the board. How is this going to help anyone when they try and talk about an idea and all they get is mass hate from people. Yes criticism is useful but it isn't an excuse just to be offensive to people for no other reason than to ruin their day. I post boards every now and then and i do get people who comment for no other reason than to cause abuse or just to be a troll and i use the reporting system but i never works. I once had one person who never stopped harassing me on every single board i posted. Every time i posted a board he just commented with harassment and i every time i reported him but that didn't do anything. Riot went through a lot of effort to prevent and punish abusers in game so why allow it to happen on their own website. Plus for those people who do come here only to abuse people then you just proved me point.

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