AFK botting in ranked

Hi tonight I've had the misfortune of playing two ranked games with the same two players - one a Soraka support called xxx and his buddy a Xin jungle. The Xin afk farmed the entire time (after an intial suicide run into lane at level 1 to get 2 deaths - i guess to pad his score) and Soraka stood at tower afk farming minions. Neither of them spoke the entire games other than to say 'yes' or 'I want to lose'. After the second game I realised these were the same guys from my first game of the night when exactly the same thing happened - same champions, same thing. I looked at their histories and both of them in last 20 games have lost all matches. Clearly they are doing this on purpose and unfortunately are ruining the games of anybody unlucky enough to get caught up in this - are they afk botting? I forgot to take the name of the Xin but I'm sure if you look at Senjargon's games he will not be difficult to find.

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