I hope this topic will catch your attention. 3 Days ago I decided I was sick of all the toxic behaviour and just muted everyone at every start of the game. The result was 7 wins 2 loses in 1 day. I was happy with the result. Yesterday I stopped doing it and tried to stop people from flaming each other during games. 4 wins and 4 loses in 1 day. Not happy with that result at all. Today I tried again to communicate with my team and stop people from flaming each other. 5 wins and 5 loses. Again a result that I can't be happy with. It just feels like I wasted 10 hours gaining nothing. The last game everyone was flaming and pinging like mad people in the first 3 minutes of the game. I muted everyone and focussed only on my own game. I went 15-2 Vi, got all dragons and easily carried the game. If this works for me am I allowed to mute everyone every game? Or will this result in me getting banned because I won't be communicating?
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