Too many griefer after 9.3

After 9.3 I encountered griefer on 100% on my ranked games. Either enemy side or my side. The week before 9.3 it felt normal. The game state seen from the numbers is very good. Even for me as a jungle main after jungle exp nerf. I was excited to play. But the unnormal amount of griefers made the game a disgrace. In the elo where I am at the moment (gold 2 player - diamond 3 players un games), the "meta" is garbage. If I would want to win alot of games right now, I have to duo with a midlaner i trust or just play overly aggressive champs like panth, rammus and surpress the enemy until they start griefing. I was thinking maybe its just season start, maybe I'm unlucky, maybe I'havent played enough early preassure junglers (not adapted to "meta"). I watched the twitch stream of the player I Will Dominate in NA Dia1. The same crap happened to him. Players loosing their mind, pressing surrender, starting blaming others while stopping to play. A wild theory IMO for the appearances of "inters" and the such is: Alot of players who just learned and play one playstyle got it at lot easier to climb ranked in the last 3 years. When the meta changes, those players are often lost in their elo. (They die over and over, get snowballed on. The solution to get out of this is there, but they do not know it, because they've never been there before. Junglers fault btw) The players start to flame or get flamed by players who know general macro better. "I am higher/same elo shut up" or "Ebay?" I cannot play evelynn anymore. Teammates seem to not know how some champions work. I analyzed my games, and came to the conclusion that games are completly coinflip if I play evelynn. To win I have to duo or just play oppressive eraly game champions who turn into carries or supports/cc-provider towards lategame. But maybe I am really just unlucky and got griefers in all of the 6 games I played after patch 9.3 aired. I feel a bit sad, that my favourite game is getting ruined by casual people. After seeing streams from higher elo I lost the hope for ranked motivation again. Ranked is just a terrible brainless grind. I just wanted to play the macro strategies like the proplayers do. Even the basics of the game get ruined. You just have funn playing a champion you like, helping others, coming back, carrying doesn't work. 100% of the times someone destroys your fun by perma-surrendering + griefing. 100% of the time, on either enemy side or my side, ranked, normal draft and aram. How ranked feels right now: It's like you are cooking something together with someone. A bit too much of an ingredient gets into the food. Your cookmate says gg next and throws all the leftover ingredients into the pot so that a big mess is being created. You have to throw everything away, clean everything and bring new ingredients to start all over again. If the food is good and finished, you throw everything away, because you just cooked it to cook more difficult stuff or to show of to the lesser cooks.
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