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I know that at this point almost everyone and their mother knows about the act of phishing and not to click suspicious links sent by other summoners. Even more those links that supposedly give you a "free skin" or "free RP". I would just like to remind or let people who might not know about this know that Riot does NOT give away anything for free, the temptation might be strong to click the link and "log in" to a site that looks like an official riot games one but a basic look at the link itself should pretty much alert you not to click it. The reason why i'm posting this is because someone in my friendlist , a person who I used to duo with sent me the following message: "Riot Games gives a Mystery Skin for FREE to every Player, Enter this Link for more Information: **redacted** As you can see the link is all messed up and to me it doesn't look official at all. ( FYI I didn't click the link don't worry, but the dude from my friendlist probably did) Of course I reported this to the awesome player support teams and although the first reply I got was automated and not helpful at all ( because I had asked some questions in the first report which went unanswered because the first agent was to lazy to write a reply xD ) , I replied back to him showing my discontent and early in the morning today another kind soul ( who's name i'm not going to mention) took his/her time to answer my questions and gave me the confirmations and advice I needed. The advice given by the support agent was to inform this dude about what happened because and I quote: "Your friend is not at fault here. He fell in a trap and his account got caught in it. He might not even be aware that he is sending phishing links." ( I definitly agree with this, I don't consider the dude to be at fault, it happens to everyone but I still have this question in my head as to what if he sent it on purpose? xD ) Also they told me to advise him to "... scan his computer and reinstall LoL to clean it up." ( which I informed the dude about.) And for those who might think that riot doesn't do anything about these sites ( I know for a fact that there are people out there who think they don't) I asked them: Q - Does Riot take down these phishing websites in the first place? A - " Yes, there are measures taken against these sites, but I can't disclose anything more than that. ^^ " ( answered by the agent.) And to finish it off by icing the cake the agent shared a really cute cat gif that made my day xD The cat gif : And to finish this post, be careful with these links, even if it is someone you trust or someone in your friendlist, do not click these links that claim riot is giving away free stuff because they don't! Have a wonderful day,
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