Abusing the report system?

Hey guys, This is going to sound like another ''my teammates suck that's why I can't climb'' thread but I am actually seeking information and possibly advice, concerning a very frustrating pattern of behaviour that I have been encountering in my teammates. In particular regarding the report system and the steps I can take to make sure these players cannot plague ranked games anymore. Please bear with me. The last game I played (I was playing Nami support) was the 4th instance in 3 days that this very same kind of behaviour came up and I was wondering if it is somehow immune to the report system we currently have installed. My friendly Rammus jungler went 0/4 in what felt like the first 30 seconds of the game and was very vocal about how disappointed he was with his team. My friendly Cho'Gath, Illaoi and Caitlyn did not respond and simply let it slide. So far so good. A player is upset, the rest of the team doesn't tilt. I think Illaoi got a kill and we won a very nice trade and got pressure in bottom lane and I was relieved to see that our team answered in a positive way. The game carries on with ups and downs (but mostly ups considering that we were after all playing from behind against a very strong unfriendly Lee Sin). Stuff happens, Caitlyn and I get first tower, we get a few kills and head to the drake while the enemy mid, botlane and jungle are all yet to respawn. This is where the friendly Rammus decides he has had enough of being friendly and turns...neutral? He chooses to farm the entire bot jungle leaving the Caitlyn and I to untangle ourselves from a 2 v newly-arrived-3 just as we finish the dragon by ourselves. Still we felt pretty positive as we recognised that perhaps the friendly Rammus needed some time to recover from his tilting early game and we had after all gotten some very nice objectives. I was so impressed with my teammates, it restored my faith in the community. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the rest of us, the Rammus had for quite some time decided he was no longer going to be part of this game. Although we are winning most fights and even managed to knock multiple towers down all the way to the inhibitors following a few mistakes by our opponents our Rammus refused to be galvanized into action. He spent the better part of what felt like an eternity (at least a good 15 minutes of gameplay) going from camp to camp from jungle to jungle ignoring plays happening around him. Our team lost the game, and towards the end of it I am sorry to report that LP was not the only thing we lost. Composure and positivity were gone, replaced by frustration directed at the Rammus (nothing insulting, but lets just say ''perma ban'' was used a lot as our inhibs fell). Naturally I reported him but having already played with 3 other players that did the same exact thing I was starting to wonder what the point of it was. He did say some toxic things, but surely nothing that would get him a serious penalty. He gave up some deaths but in fairness the vast majority of those were not intentional. He griefed, and he afked, but did he? He was constantly on the map, never stopped moving. He will not get punished for afk. I have researched whether I can send a video of this and the other 3 games where star of the game did exactly the same thing but unfortunately Riot doesn't take those. I am sorry for the wall of text but it helps in part with dealing with the confusion as to what these players are doing in their games, and I hope that someone has some suggestions as to what to do in regards to making sure that these players cannot ruin anyone else's games. Even if nobody has any advice or suggestions please feel free to share your strange ranked experiences, I would love to read them. It might help me feel better. ps: I had already played with this particular player in a normal game and they had been incredibly toxic at the time too. The name is very memorable but I am not sure if I am allowed to share it on the forums.
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