Ok, I Get it Permban and so on, but Just give me reasons, I get perm for mildly joking and stuff , while way more toxic players remain unpenalised it's too much, I'm not crying cuz its not my main acc or only one but cmon, this stuff is a bit too much I think and riot should really rework system of penalising game 1 I got flamed for nothing tbh, innocent joke at start resulted in my botlane stealing my camps and not helping with first buff, then flaming me for whole game, Sure i got banned for this Game 2, similar situation game 3 i dont remember but doesnt seem toxic at all Game 1 NyaNekooNya: zoe NyaNekooNya: Mandatory get cancer, NyaNekooNya: nothing personel NyaNekooNya: hi NyaNekooNya: nibbas NyaNekooNya: im just joking NyaNekooNya: do you get it NyaNekooNya: come help me nibbas NyaNekooNya: eh reported NyaNekooNya: cant even joke cuz people get offended NyaNekooNya: what kids NyaNekooNya: ur reported NyaNekooNya: grief NyaNekooNya: wp team zoe scrubs NyaNekooNya: dying NyaNekooNya: have fun with no ganks NyaNekooNya: im not ganking bot and mid btw NyaNekooNya: for obv reasons u saw on ward NyaNekooNya: ur premade. NyaNekooNya: idc didnt help me NyaNekooNya: next time tell ur premade to help me NyaNekooNya: premade rep counts as 1 NyaNekooNya: idc NyaNekooNya: ITS A JOKE NyaNekooNya: DO YOU UNDERSTAND NyaNekooNya: JOKE NyaNekooNya: cuz of zoe being hated NyaNekooNya: they take my jung NyaNekooNya: and then make me as bad one NyaNekooNya: :po NyaNekooNya: dude NyaNekooNya: no help at red NyaNekooNya: im doing camp annie comes and steals it NyaNekooNya: obv its mine if i started and did it alone NyaNekooNya: they are all prem trying to blackmail me except xin NyaNekooNya: lmao NyaNekooNya: well do whatever u want im innocent NyaNekooNya: hmm NyaNekooNya: who is toxic NyaNekooNya: +1 NyaNekooNya: XDDD NyaNekooNya: funny is NyaNekooNya: if i report them they get ban NyaNekooNya: fam ur getting banned NyaNekooNya: wp fam NyaNekooNya: weeeee NyaNekooNya: lucky 0.1 aa NyaNekooNya: didnt stick it during fear NyaNekooNya: if i sticked aa during fear nah xd NyaNekooNya: it is cuz team shittalks me 24/7 NyaNekooNya: :# NyaNekooNya: zoe on sucide watch NyaNekooNya: saying ur trolling helps get u banned NyaNekooNya: thanks NyaNekooNya: zoe balance NyaNekooNya: she is not op NyaNekooNya: she is unbalanced NyaNekooNya: she isnt NyaNekooNya: 50% win ratio barely NyaNekooNya: i remember when they releeased ivern NyaNekooNya: and nobody could play him NyaNekooNya: and tank ivern build was beyond broken NyaNekooNya: cuz ppl couldnt play against it NyaNekooNya: thought u will die from smite tbh NyaNekooNya: yeah hecas dmg is gross NyaNekooNya: if looked at how mobile kit he has NyaNekooNya: but only till late NyaNekooNya: XD not sure who is running from who there zed NyaNekooNya: baron NyaNekooNya: or xin NyaNekooNya: or both NyaNekooNya: my team stopt shittalking me NyaNekooNya: :/ NyaNekooNya: i miss it already NyaNekooNya: i know NyaNekooNya: thats whjy i rushed in NyaNekooNya: they are full ad btw NyaNekooNya: xin NyaNekooNya: wtf NyaNekooNya: back NyaNekooNya: we need 5v5 NyaNekooNya: oh nevermind zoe flames me again NyaNekooNya: along with annie NyaNekooNya: can we just group NyaNekooNya: and ez win NyaNekooNya: 30 minute zoe flames everyone but no zheonya NyaNekooNya: FUU!UUUUU NyaNekooNya: 5 hp NyaNekooNya: bue NyaNekooNya: hecs E op NyaNekooNya: i doubht he is NyaNekooNya: he seems cool NyaNekooNya: baron NyaNekooNya: they cant NyaNekooNya: contetst NyaNekooNya: cy@ NyaNekooNya: poppy unluickly NyaNekooNya: gg NyaNekooNya: im sad my mid and bot premades win NyaNekooNya: flamed me whole for nothing Game 2 NyaNekooNya: ok im back NyaNekooNya: sorry for afk NyaNekooNya: im %%%%ed NyaNekooNya: at jung NyaNekooNya: tho NyaNekooNya: so you ez must now win a game NyaNekooNya: ok im useles cuz of brand NyaNekooNya: but he is more useles xd NyaNekooNya: wasted tp NyaNekooNya: also muted NyaNekooNya: good for you NyaNekooNya: i need 6 first NyaNekooNya: yo weeb kun NyaNekooNya: lmao he has no cash NyaNekooNya: E NyaNekooNya: gg tbh NyaNekooNya: veig is useles NyaNekooNya: stfu 36 farm 1/4 NyaNekooNya: he cant even put good E NyaNekooNya: so i doubt NyaNekooNya: he can stop NyaNekooNya: yes he is bot NyaNekooNya: cuz NyaNekooNya: top is won NyaNekooNya: af NyaNekooNya: so they dont need to be topside NyaNekooNya: you should NyaNekooNya: tbh NyaNekooNya: I love the fl NyaNekooNya: I love the flamers like ez who flame whole game ttbh NyaNekooNya: t NyaNekooNya: Y NyaNekooNya: he is toxic tho NyaNekooNya: more NyaNekooNya: chernobyl v1 NyaNekooNya: v2* NyaNekooNya: stahp tho NyaNekooNya: slavobooes are worst NyaNekooNya: LMAO VEIG HS CAGE WHOLE TIME NyaNekooNya: never uses it NyaNekooNya: when u so toxic you start to flame enemies XD NyaNekooNya: I really want to win tbh NyaNekooNya: morgana is fine NyaNekooNya: cy@ NyaNekooNya: ez NyaNekooNya: we made 3v2 NyaNekooNya: and u NyaNekooNya: surrender NyaNekooNya: me? NyaNekooNya: so lucky now tbh NyaNekooNya: you could E into him and get a kil NyaNekooNya: varus pls stop solo NyaNekooNya: i can protect you from akali NyaNekooNya: now they have baron NyaNekooNya: or nbo NyaNekooNya: i just got called a kill stealer NyaNekooNya: varus NyaNekooNya: fam im more fed NyaNekooNya: ho %%%%l NyaNekooNya: diodnt see brandboi NyaNekooNya: ok guys NyaNekooNya: grtoup 5 NyaNekooNya: pls NyaNekooNya: dont chase NyaNekooNya: i will chase alone NyaNekooNya: im fast enough NyaNekooNya: you stay grouped NyaNekooNya: wp NyaNekooNya: very nice NyaNekooNya: drake NyaNekooNya: drakle NyaNekooNya: we cnt baron till akalio NyaNekooNya: alive NyaNekooNya: ok now my smite NyaNekooNya: deals more dmg NyaNekooNya: than rammus NyaNekooNya: poland NyaNekooNya: b after NyaNekooNya: b NyaNekooNya: wew NyaNekooNya: morg NyaNekooNya: assist me NyaNekooNya: wp NyaNekooNya: for me its ez game NyaNekooNya: tb NyaNekooNya: master tier smurf NyaNekooNya: iuts just normal and ur sop toxic xd NyaNekooNya: wait NyaNekooNya: let me get NyaNekooNya: potion NyaNekooNya: b NyaNekooNya: ur both reported NyaNekooNya: all mid NyaNekooNya: %%%%ing NyaNekooNya: hel;l NyaNekooNya: ALL MID NyaNekooNya: now wait for me NyaNekooNya: thanks god NyaNekooNya: now back NyaNekooNya: draven can 1v3 you NyaNekooNya: 1v2* NyaNekooNya: told u back NyaNekooNya: group NyaNekooNya: and we will NyaNekooNya: finish in 3 min NyaNekooNya: no1 of them can 1v1 me NyaNekooNya: buy ga NyaNekooNya: or sterak NyaNekooNya: or both NyaNekooNya: our veig is retorded a bit NyaNekooNya: we ask him whole game group NyaNekooNya: and he g NyaNekooNya: no shroud NyaNekooNya: go now NyaNekooNya: PLS GUS NyaNekooNya: NO %%%%ING SHROUd NyaNekooNya: gg report varus and ez flame NyaNekooNya: varus wants to report only reason they didnt lose in miute 10 xd Game 3 NyaNekooNya: hello my nibbas NyaNekooNya: dont feed and I will 1v9 NyaNekooNya: i dont want to waste time NyaNekooNya: need to get 30 first NyaNekooNya: fast* NyaNekooNya: sorry NyaNekooNya: fam.. NyaNekooNya: harder pull NyaNekooNya: b NyaNekooNya: nibbas NyaNekooNya: i cant gank you when ur on low NyaNekooNya: lmao NyaNekooNya: stahp NyaNekooNya: lmao NyaNekooNya: easy win NyaNekooNya: poor nibbas NyaNekooNya: XD NyaNekooNya: epic fail q NyaNekooNya: oh cmon NyaNekooNya: dude ur trash stfu NyaNekooNya: ur mom is gay NyaNekooNya: i cant chill cuz im not triggered NyaNekooNya: fam im smurfing from master why would i tilt NyaNekooNya: there are bigger idiots in higher elos NyaNekooNya: indeed NyaNekooNya: every NyaNekooNya: death NyaNekooNya: is ur own fault NyaNekooNya: sure NyaNekooNya: i need it as heca till like 9 NyaNekooNya: now NyaNekooNya: we can herald NyaNekooNya: (: NyaNekooNya: i cant go vs trynd btw NyaNekooNya: bruisers counter hec NyaNekooNya: she NyaNekooNya: is NyaNekooNya: nevermind NyaNekooNya: guys 4v5 win NyaNekooNya: . NyaNekooNya: no mf this game NyaNekooNya: bot all NyaNekooNya: %%%% NyaNekooNya: \xd NyaNekooNya: im more useful NyaNekooNya: slow is beast on hec NyaNekooNya: till late i deal more dmg anyway NyaNekooNya: now you go 3v4 . NyaNekooNya: dont fail iot NyaNekooNya: ekko NyaNekooNya: hello NyaNekooNya: ekko NyaNekooNya: thought u were like NyaNekooNya: btfo ez stole my blue afk NyaNekooNya: ez NyaNekooNya: mf they were grouped as 3 NyaNekooNya: why didnt you NyaNekooNya: r NyaNekooNya: thing is NyaNekooNya: in rankeds ur team is semi equal to enemy NyaNekooNya: (: NyaNekooNya: even feeders are master feeders NyaNekooNya: aka euw hashinshins NyaNekooNya: cuz its normal game NyaNekooNya: lmao NyaNekooNya: why would i tryhard on normal ez? NyaNekooNya: especially that i otp rengo NyaNekooNya: excatly NyaNekooNya: ekko NyaNekooNya: tf coming NyaNekooNya: and tryng NyaNekooNya: baited.
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