How autofill ruins the game in low MMR games.

I understand the idea behind autofill. High MMR players have to wait ages without it. However, on low MMR, silver/gold-ish the wait times are rather decent. I do not see any difference between now and before autfill was implemented. I do however get my game ruined around once every four games either because I get a role I just don't want to play right now or someone else get's autofilled and trolls (there are those who, already in champ select, declare they will troll if they don't get their favourite role, and actually do so). This needs to stop. I don't mind playing different roles now and then. But when I have time for just 1 game I want a fun game, not one that get's trolled or where I have to mid/adc/sup just because that might save me 15 seconds in que. At the moment the only solution I see is creating two smurfs, and if I get a bad game, just leave and go play on the second smurf. Please Riot, fix this stuff because I don't want to do it...
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