Gold5 0lp players

Hello, So I recently got to silver 1 (HIgh elo Hurrah) uhm and i'm not saying silver got good players but they are actually trying to win i guess... While the Gold 5 0lp guys plays like they just installed LoL... Like First game: MF goes top and saying ffs because his supp took 2 cs while attacking the enemies with LULU... also on this game TOP begged to let him mid because his Garen was banned he gonna feed he said in top well he got mid and what he fed on mid too HUH... next game Ekko jungler goes afk because he got killed by enemy jungler ( Shyvana) well i actually have a picture about it [( ] We pinged it... That she is there... well he died and said: I'm lagging and left the game.... So i have only one question... How much Bronze players bought G5 accounts and playing there? Half of them? or its just a funny random luck to get them in 3 games a row?
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