Honored by rest of team, call out a troll, and i get banned for 2 weeks... because logic...

So in a ranked game, my supp and i carry the team. Top lane feeds his ass off, blames jungle and then trolls and ints the rest of the game. He even admits in chat hes doing it to %%%% up our game. Now obviously we lose and we all flame him. The rest of my team honors my supp and me, but one troll reports me and i get banned for 14 days? I really dont understand the logic behind it. Can people who start ranked just start in bronze so they dont %%%% up everyone elses climb in silver and gold? honestly, it was my 4th game of the day with a troll who had a shit fit that he died a few times then starts inting. See so many complaints about it but see %%%%all being done.
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