Discovered one german freak stolen my 3 years old acc 7mths ago. Riots don't response

I registered my acc years ago. Was playing on it and carried it to gold from bronze through years. Few days ago I dicovered someone was writing to riots from my name. IDK how has he got my acc password, but he asked riots to change my legit e-mail to his own{ lied something about his one-off e-mail on registration and blahblahblah}. Then when I sent the request to back me my account on he just created another request when called me a hacker. Pathetic situation. Riots permanently suspended my acc and don't respond to my request. I've put all my efforts to get the evidence of fairly owning this account since I registered it, told about all gift presented and received, attached 2-years old support request screen from my e-mail and even, my international passport. They just ignored me.. What else should I try to back my account, get it linked to my e-mail and change the password so that freak couldn't ever again do his sh*t?? Please help me, I am really tilted... Best wishes, Amphyby. P.S.: request 22226914. Riots don't answer. UPD: new request ā„–22238803
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