Riot why you are punishing people for having actual FUN with the game?!

So i recently played a lot of champions that i've never played before (Normal) which of course lowered my elo a lot. I did that to both have understanding of the enemy champs AND for having a fun (not trolling). The sad thing came when i tried to get back to my regular champs which are teamwork reliant champs i noticed that i am matched with complete noobs not even lvl 30! How is that even possible i play since S3 and you match me with unranked people that does not even know what jungling is? Its just stupid not because i can't go up but because 1. I have to spend days spamming tryndamere and Yi 20/0 not having fun at all 2. Ruining peoples games by instalocking BECAUSE YOU %%%%IGN DISABLED DRAFT ON EUNE 3. Ruining peoples fun by stomping them with noob champs! Why?? Just why your elo system is so broken!?
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