I hate it when people say Ez (Family friendly version....kinda)

http://orig09.deviantart.net/754f/f/2016/074/5/3/chara_spinning_icon_by_lexielou04-d9v8bac.gif _Trigger warning, this thread is full of love and friendship_ http://orig11.deviantart.net/8ed3/f/2016/051/6/1/ezgif_3855073939_by_yogurtyard-d9sfyo5.gif So about a week ago, i got tilted from people saying Ez, created a post that landed on the hot page, but it got deleted because it was a bit radioactive and toxic, so here comes the family friendly version Do you know this feeling, when you did'nt flame for over 2 years, and then this moment heapens, where other people would go over 9000 degrees just because they can't let their aggresions out ?, no? well, that is okay, im going to explain it in this thread, Warning! this post contains : Love , friendship, cake, tea, me , people, _*save me out of this hell* _ http://orig01.deviantart.net/7f72/f/2016/016/8/9/ezgif_com_resize_by_saki_pomii-d9o7ud9.gif It heapened like this, we were about to win a game, i did really well with Heimerdonger , even did a penta :D, but sadly our Yi decided to go backdoor instead of protecting our base from geting destroyed, i told Yi really nicely to not do that in other games, but after Fiora and Kindred finished, their Karthus and Keneen(Keenen , Keneen,i can't remember lol) that have not done really well decided to write ''Ez'', that was not really nice from them, so i added them into a chat room, and explained why it is not good to say ''EZ'', but if they won't learn their lessons i will find out where they live, than i will invite them to a nice cup of Tea and Cake and explain again carefuly and nice and slow why it is not good when they say ''Ez'' because, ........ we don't want anything bad to heapen right ^^ ? http://orig10.deviantart.net/1642/f/2016/100/8/e/chara_icon_by_meyliiin-d9ydz8b.gif
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