The Unfair Riot

Hello evreyone, i think this is my 1st time writing in this Bords. Well something is happening these days to me and i couldn't believe it what it is. Im a silver player, silver 5 to be specific, im trying to play ranked so i can go up in my level (ofc with normals games), the thing is that im always matched up with bronze players and the enemy team silver ??? how is that possible, my MMR is like the enemies and still i play with bronze against a team full of silver or sometimes 3-4 silver and the rest bronze. How can i play against them when i can't even win the game, like now: toplane 0-9, jungler 5-8 and he didnt even ganked my lane (dont tell me u flamed him, i didnt), my support is a DARIUS !!!!! i mean COME ON RIOT !!!!!!! im not a carrier, i just wanna play a game with people know their lanes, they know what to do, they dont troll, they just play a game (i main support though) do anyone has an answer to this ? thx. {{champion:32}}
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