Punish people who feed in ranked constantly

Just Create system that punish people from feeeding in ranked. Like create this system. If you feeding you get punished by not allowing play ranked games until you finish Noob Priority queue. Noob Priority queue- you Must win 5 games Of draft pick And getting s- s S+ rank. After complete this you allow join ranked. IF the person feeds more Put him into 10 games of noob priority queue. Like leavebuster. Im really tired getting monkeys in team who feed their ass everysingle game and get no punishment cause they not inting or flaming. We can all agree we all feed sometimes its happen but that should not repeat almost everysingle game. When i look at some people match history it tilts me when they ruin so much ranked games. The problem why we need this system because riot treats all Equally. Doesnt matter you feeder or not. IF you lose you lose same LP. And dont give me that shit if you good you win. THIS IS PRESEASON. this game evolved into impossible win 1v9. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} AM i wrong? IF i am please explain me then.... SO tilting that i started even sweat my Saltyness from my body

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