So glad for TFT

Seriosly, tft might just be the best thing that happen to league community/players ever. After playing a lot of tft games, i must say, it's more relaxing then playing league... you don't get pissed about your teamates, afk/trolls/ragers/keyboard warrior/feeders... none of that, you just play the game and your skill alone determines weather you win or lose. Regardless of the randomness of the game, i haven't found 1 game were i couldn't be in the top 3 if I really wanted to, just that beeing a new game, i try a lot of stuff, but overall game experience is far more pleasent then league.. Just played a game of league now... same fking shet :D feels more of a gamble to dodge bad players then the randomness of tft items/champions, i think TFT is more reliable in that sense. Anyway, That's what i wanted to say, I`m awsome glad that tft is here, no more bad players to worry about anymore. Just gonna share soem random screens i've took from my game.

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