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There is something seriously wrong with the report system and tribunal punishment system. Recently I just got chat restricted because I got reported from players in past few games for being toxic, but what I don't get is that if I am responding to players that are extremely toxic, then why am I being punished? In addition why doesn't the report system show the full chat, why only what I'm saying. For example in this chat log, why is it only showing my chat, why not the whole chat. That way you could understand what I'm saying and why I said it. In game 1 I had two very toxic players, REDACTED who were constantly flaming me and tilting me by telling the enemy team to report me, so in retaliation i responded and tried to get back into game by farming. While I farmed i told them to stop useless fights and w8, but they keep fighting and when they lose fights they say report vayne (who i played in the game). We won in the end and yet they continued to flame. Even in the other games shown below, as it doesn't show the full chat it only makes me look bad, if full chat was shown you could understand the comments. Moreover the report system needs to be fixed as I had more flamers/afkers/trollers recently and that If I tell them to stop they continue, so what's the actual point? I was unfairly punished and plead to be remand the punishment. Game 1 Obbymaulerz: SWORD ART ONLINE SUCKS Obbymaulerz: muted Obbymaulerz: noob Obbymaulerz: HAHA Obbymaulerz: ?? Obbymaulerz: dafuq is this Obbymaulerz: cait go top Obbymaulerz: ill handle ren Obbymaulerz: go top cait Obbymaulerz: u cant win against rene Obbymaulerz: go top! Obbymaulerz: toxic team Obbymaulerz: gotta lvoe them Obbymaulerz: tell me who iflamed? Obbymaulerz: yup Obbymaulerz: u cant Obbymaulerz: simple luckl Obbymaulerz: cait u cant talk Obbymaulerz: u lost bot Obbymaulerz: so early Obbymaulerz: we got faker syndra Obbymaulerz: op Obbymaulerz: nice wp thresh Obbymaulerz: u would of died right now Obbymaulerz: if it wasnt for braum Obbymaulerz: why fight Obbymaulerz: ? Obbymaulerz: why are u fighting 3v5? Obbymaulerz: BACK OFF! Obbymaulerz: this is why ur stuck in gold Obbymaulerz: stop useless fight 3v5 Obbymaulerz: LO Obbymaulerz: rofl? Obbymaulerz: u started the fight sydnra Obbymaulerz: cool never helping u Obbymaulerz: go 4v5 Obbymaulerz: go lose Obbymaulerz: f off Obbymaulerz: go ahead Obbymaulerz: ur all toxic Obbymaulerz: flamers dont deserve win Obbymaulerz: for? Obbymaulerz: ur all flaming Obbymaulerz: not me Obbymaulerz: no wonder ur all stuck in gold Obbymaulerz: nice job synd Obbymaulerz: dont stun Obbymaulerz: np Obbymaulerz: synd held on her stun till i died Obbymaulerz: yet they wanna report me. Obbymaulerz: wp braum Obbymaulerz: th Obbymaulerz: :P Obbymaulerz: Gg wp Obbymaulerz: only braum deserved a win Obbymaulerz: rest deserved a loss Obbymaulerz: u only won Obbymaulerz: cause of me Obbymaulerz: and braum Obbymaulerz: syndra is the typical flamer hope she got banned man Obbymaulerz: kappa Obbymaulerz: 1k hp left Obbymaulerz: mao braum Obbymaulerz: baron? Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: gg wp Game 2 Obbymaulerz: GL&HF :) Obbymaulerz: ill feed him dw Obbymaulerz: stop ur flame Obbymaulerz: im muting noc Obbymaulerz: noc Obbymaulerz: after red can u gank top? Obbymaulerz: didnt i say corki will lose mid. Obbymaulerz: XD Obbymaulerz: noc Obbymaulerz: gank top with r pls Obbymaulerz: bro dont lie Obbymaulerz: no one flamed Obbymaulerz: XD Obbymaulerz: LOL Obbymaulerz: honored Obbymaulerz: :) Obbymaulerz: wtf bot 0/4 1/5 Obbymaulerz: not flame Obbymaulerz: just wondering Obbymaulerz: let me split Obbymaulerz: why u keep getting caught... Obbymaulerz: noobs Obbymaulerz: u got caught Obbymaulerz: this is why i have low winrate Obbymaulerz: coz of players like corki Obbymaulerz: and bot Obbymaulerz: is that why i got nearly every tower? Obbymaulerz: get baron Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: no escape Obbymaulerz: lel Obbymaulerz: u getting ie xayah? Obbymaulerz: kk Obbymaulerz: u gonna get bork or blood? Obbymaulerz: kk Obbymaulerz: wow Obbymaulerz: no vision. Obbymaulerz: noob bot Obbymaulerz: can u report our bot and mid ty Game 3 Obbymaulerz: ?? Obbymaulerz: nice Obbymaulerz: XD Obbymaulerz: easy Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: can u move yas? Obbymaulerz: u have been in mid literally all this time Obbymaulerz: u cant talk Obbymaulerz: corki camped u Obbymaulerz: yet ur crying xD Obbymaulerz: sure :) Obbymaulerz: move from ur lane u noob Obbymaulerz: useless adc Obbymaulerz: can u report jhin ty Obbymaulerz: feed and toxic Obbymaulerz: mid top and jung won Obbymaulerz: but this bot man.. Obbymaulerz: thx man Obbymaulerz: 1/6 jhin ffs Obbymaulerz: dont go adc if u cant play it Obbymaulerz: ever heard of wards? Obbymaulerz: yh omw Obbymaulerz: ^^ Obbymaulerz: ever heard of pink? Obbymaulerz: learn to play Obbymaulerz: report this jhin Obbymaulerz: wukong out of nowhere xD Obbymaulerz: ur name suits u wukong Obbymaulerz: yh Obbymaulerz: he ulted Obbymaulerz: same as lucian Obbymaulerz: tsk tsk account sharing ^^ Obbymaulerz: can u report jhin for inting ty Obbymaulerz: he cant Obbymaulerz: he is a stupid kid Obbymaulerz: wukong no r Obbymaulerz: u2 Obbymaulerz: wukong why u hate me so much? Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: u died too so :) Obbymaulerz: ur a train tbh Obbymaulerz: a toxic poisonous train. Obbymaulerz: xD Obbymaulerz: if i get peeled from wukong Obbymaulerz: i can kill him Obbymaulerz: w8 me Obbymaulerz: why. Obbymaulerz: why did u go in Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: yas threw hard Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: report jhin for int
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