I just want to say "thank you" - 4 people who needs more than one honorpoint

Dear Riot and my four random teammates from the one game, Sometimes my game freezes in the loadingscreen... everybody is on 100% but nothing happens. My full pc isnt able to close league and cant open any other programms..(i can just see the miniwindow from each programm) Today this happens again to me.Its truly rare,but terrible when it comes. Well, my role was support (i h8 this role D:) and i stucked over 30 mins in this screen.. My hard and hopless try to get the computer down for a restart,ended with taking the energy away from it... (ofc the machine doesnt like this,but what should i do anyways if i cant shutdown it on the normal way?) After getting back into league,**my team was happy to see me **again and the score was 40(for us)/25. The full team **did everything to help me **and bring me back into the game.It was so..purrfect,i could cry :D We won the game and nobody reported me. I...i was away **for over 30 mins!** But they just didnt care about this. so..i want to say "**Thanks a lot,my dear mates**" to: _ProfesionalNob (kata mid) XxMarineroxX (gp top) EvilCatsOfDoom (Vayne adc) Drak LioN (ww jngl)_ Thanks again for not reporting me and the great help to get back into our game :3 This is the proof for the good side of the lolcommunity.
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