What happened to LoL? (not a rant, a serious question)

As I am typing this, I just know that reds wont bother to respond. They might read it, but they wont actually answer my question. I dont consider myself a 'veteran'. Been playing since season 2 (I think), that is still a long amount of time. What the heck happened to the game?? It feels very different now, and not in a good way. I embrace change, but this preseason is way too much. I need to address issues with the game, and why I am kinda done with it, sadly. **_The importance of snowballing _** Or rather, the _lack_ of importance. Snowballing has lost its importance over time, there is no denying it. You can be fed all you want, but it doesnt really matter. Exactly why is this the case? I understand that they are putting a lot of emphasis on 'teamplay' but whats the point of playing a solo lane if individual skill is no longer important? Heck, what is the point of playing solo q then?? You are better off playing a bunch of late game champions that synergize extremely well in teamfights, because that is what this game is all about. LoL is, in fact, a game of cards. The hand with the better cards wins. Now I see why they plan on adding something like 'Dynamic teams'.... But even this will be irrelevant, it wont represent your actual skill anyway. _**Overpowered champions and masteries**_ Riot loves the concept of Perfect Imbalance. It is part of their business model, been this way since beta. I hate the idea of not striving for balance, but the results speak for themselves. LoL is a very successful game, and perfect imbalance is 'partially' responsible for this. However, it is starting to get really annoying. You have gone overboard with this preseason. The masteries are bonkers (#TEAM THUNDERLORD) and the new champions are almost always overloaded. I understand that you want to keep the game interesting by adding new and fresh content, but could you please **_TRY_** to maintain some form of balance?? No one expects a perfectly balanced game. At this point, with all the content, it would be impossible anyway. But this is insane. People are forced to play a certain way now, more so than ever before. You'd say that, by adding all this crap to the game, you are offering more options and more flexibility to every player but this is not true. Just an example: People call me a moron for NOT taking thunderlords. As if thunderlords is the best keystone out there, right?! Oh wait....it kinda is :/ In the previous seasons, I only had to worry about overpowered champions. But now I have to worry about imbalanced masteries too. I find myself praying that the enemy team is somewhat 'balanced' so that I dont have to try super, unreasonably hard to win the match. Heck, if literally every player on the enemy team has a late game champion with thunderlords (including the support) <<<< this alone decreases my odds of winning unless my team consists of mindless sheep too. _**Unstable servers**_ This is not a new issue, but come on man :/ Why do we still have to deal with this nonsense?? I dont even want to hear the _game is free so u no complain_ lel crap. If you offer something to a consumer, make sure it functions properly, regardless of whether its 'free' or not. Do it right, or dont do it at all. An unstable server is extremely punishing for players, no matter how you look at it. The system does not care if you disconnect thanks to the servers. It will punish you as a player, because **** you thats why. Only a few per match are affected at the same time, so it creates the idea that they are throwing, or trolling. So not only do you lose the match and precious time, you will also get bullied for being a troll because a lot of people aren't clever enough to realize that this is not your doing. _**This community.....sigh**_ So many issues with the game, and I still need to address the god-awful community. As if there wasnt enough to talk about for christ sake. This probably got me fk'd up the most. The community has reached an all time low. It has never been more toxic before. If you deny this, then you are blind. In some sort of way, it makes sense. LoL functions as a sort of Flame Awakening. The kindest people ever can change into hardcore flamers if you let them play this game. If I speak for myself; before I played this game, I never flamed. Ever. Few years into this game, and I find myself flaming mad hard. I find myself stressed out. I find myself getting reported and getting restricted, several times. I needed all of that to happen, because those experiences opened my eyes. In short, there is a reason why so many people stopped playing, people. Stop being naive. Just like a lot of butt kissers out there, I used to defend this game. But I can no longer. It is simply too hard to defend a broken game with such a toxic community. Ofc, there are some people out there who will say something like this: _If you hate the game so much, then why bother writing this?_ Because I used to love the game. I loved playing it with my friends. It felt different in the previous seasons. To be honest, it was more than just a game, it was a social happening. But when the bad outweighs the good, perhaps its time to stop.
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