Unfair permabanned

Hi League of legends community! I want to know your thoughts. I've been playing League of legends since 2013 and I've spent so much time on this and have 300 skins more or less. What frustrating is I've reached my end of line because I got permabanned. I'm glad their system is really harsh now that means people should be more afraid of being toxic and troll less in the long-lasting process. I've been through much in life recently that's why I've been emotional (That's no %%%%ing excuse I know it's my own fault, it's life). So I got a point where I received 2 week ban. I had this discussion with a riot staff about ban system. I promised to reform and ignore everyone and just focus my game. :What got me to this point?: I was diamond 3 seasons ago and got placed in silver because unlucky games. But I had a lot of time so I played more than 15 games each day after I got out of 2 week ban. It took me a month to reach to Plat 4 but I was hard stuck there. It did frustrate me a lot that more that one person is willing to lose just to piss other people off. Up until now I did so well with my behavior and even if i lost i just played another one and tried my best to be positive. But then this game hit me. After so many games keep losing because of the same reason. Someone whos so toxic and it affects me. I was maining jungle and I use chat for communication because pings arent always enough. We had this fiora top, who wouldn't stop pushing but kept flamin me because I didn't ganked. He told me if i pinged much more he would go afk. So I used chat and asked him to not push and i'll be there right away! He wasn't the only one everyone pushed, which made ganking quite difficult. Instead I went for dragons, cause another way to be useful when you can't gank. I ended up getting 2 infernal drakes, which should help this fiora a bit. He started a fight top lane while was coming toplane. Unfortunate he died and blamed me for it. I had a small arguement with him because he would rather having me ganking a pushing lane than taking a drake. See, this is where I start to be a little negative about this. Mid was doing fine bot did so. We were basically doing fine until Fiora started to flame me and refused to teamwork. He kept dying and blamed me. It was wrong by me to get affect by this. But I used chat to kinda discuss what we shouldn't do and why our teammwork is failing. After Fiora stopped playing the team slowly falls appart. Adc was alone because Leona keeps going into enemy jungle, not to ward but just to die there. And she ended up deciding to engage a 1v5. This enemy soraka was playing really well she was extremely to keep her distance from danger and still be able to heal. I asked team to focus soraka cause shes the main reason why we lose most teamfights. But because we don't have a propper team (fiora trolling top, Adc alone because support has to walk around alone in enemy jungle). People would just focus random things and they would blame me for not doing enough. I tried my best. It hurts to see that I'm bascially joining team toxic for those who gets perma banned. I asked riot staff some said i was being toxic others says I'm not toxic but I'm negative and lesser negative behavior shouldn't be punishable. I'm just saying. How can anyone avoid being a bit negative when you're losing because one teammate refuse to play because he coulnd't get a gank top because he refused to listen to what the jungler requests him to do. I'm also a human being of course I get frustrated when I love this game so much but people don't take the game serious as I do and people are willing to lose on purpose and waste their time just by pissing other people off. I know I 2 week suspension is a total warning. But what you guys don't think about is how many games I play a day. If I after my 2 week ban stopped playing for a half year it would have been a different story or just played one or 2. But because I played 10-20 games a day It was more likely I would get games like this. And get easily punished again. Riot staff told me: "To be perfectly clear, I must point out that while being toxic includes racism, homophobia. wishing harm on others, etc, it also means: spamming, whining, sarcastic congratulations or sarcasm in general, calling for reports and harassment." I was being sarcastic but... If people in a normal wanted to joke with each other by saying something sarcastic isn't allowed? I did not one time harass anyone. If some of my calls are considered as "spam" I really don't know anymore. It might look like spam without a timer. But please don't read it and think I wrote all these message all at once. It was overtime during the game(People tend to forget that). Sorry for this huge message but thanks for your time reading. I just need more advice. I tried really hard to reform but got triggered by this game, which ruined my whole league of legends journey. I don't expect that there's any way to get my perma ban lifted but I just feel its unfair. Do you think this is permaban worthy? Don't vote yes without telling me why. Don't push me away from this community. Here is the chat log and sorry for my english. Vívien: haha Vívien: i was brushing my teeth Vívien: stressful Vívien: learn to dodge (jk) Vívien: jax is at my red Vívien: i think Vívien: wp Vívien: fiora Vívien: let him push Vívien: galio do u need blue Vívien: jax bot side Vívien: got lvl 6 soon Vívien: lemme get red Vívien: i cant gank mid Vívien: hes too far behind Vívien: rly?? Vívien: k Vívien: tilting a lot Vívien: u should Vívien: let him push Vívien: when he keeps a distance like that Vívien: wait Vívien: go for raka Vívien: ok Vívien: not able to gank Vívien: one place Vívien: cause no communication Vívien: ward Vívien: this leona Vívien: i dont know why Vívien: leona would 1v1 Vívien: anyone Vívien: i pinged her back and she wantd t o go deeper Vívien: lmao Vívien: 2 what Vívien: we got 2 infernals Vívien: thanks to me Vívien: their jax is bad Vívien: and so is our teamwork Vívien: people think Vívien: wjen we are behind they can afford more mistakes Vívien: NO Vívien: LEONA Vívien: DONT Vívien: FIGHT Vívien: FFS Vívien: report fiora Vívien: hes inting Vívien: how can i gank Vívien: when u always push Vívien: LMAAAAO Vívien: if i ganked ur lane Vívien: i wouldnt get 2 infernal drake alone Vívien: bot didnt help Vívien: "we cant affrod more mistaeks" Vívien: *team does more mistakes than ever" Vívien: play? Vívien: ure legit asking me to playu? Vívien: cause u ALL PUSH Vívien: flaming?? Vívien: HAHA Vívien: URE FLAMING ME Vívien: FOR NOT GANKIJNG Vívien: u would rather they got drake Vívien: than get a gank Vívien: besides Vívien: i gankd u Vívien: u just died Vívien: so i didntr notice Vívien: ure all muted Vívien: mute Vívien: its funnyt Vívien: people dont know that raka can heal
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