The Prison Server.

So i was browsing around net a bit and found that EQ2(EverQuest 2) is making a special server just for those a$*holes/trolls/kids/kidsthatwishtofkurmom and you name them.. although this list was just for Leauge, but basically those players get Banished to the Prison server, they can never return to their old normal servers so they're stuck there for.. well forever, or until they make new account and start all over, i know this wouldn't work here, but just imagine how heavily populated that server would be here, and since none of Gm's care about that server, they can just keep raging trolling to their heart's desire.. AND! if they decide to play there with their own.. kind?, they'll see just how annoying it is when you see someone crying over the game, trolling and that might make them realize just how much of an a$*holes they are, it might improve their behaviour, and then they could send like an apology message that they're sorry about their behaviour and ask for their account transferred to their old server, and people will be even more scared of flaming and such because of this, and just reporting someone doesn't send them there, giving them certain amount of chat restrictions could be a reason to... **Banish Them**!!! So... NO Rules You God Damn Trolls! :D.. Thoughts?
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